Power Game- outside polypropylene surface, ideal for a multifunctional pitch, tennis courts, roller skating tracks and badminton courts.

Power Game is a modular, multifunctional polypropylene surface on a dynamic grid, connected with a patented system: "positive lock". Thanks to its parameters it perfectly absorbs percussive energy and minimizes the risk of players' injuries. Power Game is ideal for covering both new and existing hardened bases such as asphalt, concrete, paving blocks. The unique installation system makes the top layer of the surface resistant to damage and it eliminates the risk of dilatational or heave movements. In terms of functionality, durability and resilience to atmospheric conditions it outruns traditional synthetic surfaces.

Thanks to the Power Game surface the pitch can be built not only on an existing sports object area (for example an old school pitch) but also at almost any place:

  • next to the house
  • in a housing development area
  • in a park

Sport Court Power Game highest quality is confirmed by certificates and approbations of World Team Games Federations:

  • basketball (Sport Court is the only surface, approved by FIBA for games on outdoor pitches. The common initiative NCAA & NBA: IHoops-dealing with the youth basketball, has chosen Sport Court as its official surface).
  • volleyball
  • handball
  • futsal
  • roller skating sports
  • badminton
  • tennis
• Material: polypropylene
• Structure
- modules suspended on a cushioning dynamic grid
- patented interlocking system – “positive block”
- “move” cushioning system, allowing modules to work horizontally and absorbing player’s joint impact energy
• Module size: 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 1.27 cm
• Module weight: 315 g (3.40 kg/m2)
• Hardness (ASTM D 785): 78 R
• Thermal formability factor at 4550 hPa: 77 °C
• Auto ignition temperature (ASTM D 1929): 570 °C
• Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient (ASTM D 696): 9.52 mm/mm °C x 10-5
• Tensile strength (ASTM D 638): 196kg/cm2
• Tensile testing (ASTM D 638): 6%
• Resilience (Izod impact testing) (ASTM D 256): 5 J/cm [23 °C]
• Friction (ASTM C 1028) dry/wet: 0.65/0.86
• Flatness: 0.0 mm
• Capacity: 12 kg/cm2
• Sanitary information: protects against fungi, bacteria, mold
• International Federations’ certificates: FIBA, IHF, ITF, IIHC, BWF, NCAA, AFC, PZSW (The Polish Skating Sports Union), 14001:2004 ISO Certificate, declaration of conformity with 14877:2006 standard, NIPH (National Institute of Public Health) clearance.
• Substructure requirements: concrete, asphalt, paving blocks with minimum 0.2% decline
• Contingent guarantee up to 5 years
Power Game surface’s perfect parameters were helpful:

• At constructions compliant with ministerial programs: My sports field – Orlik 2012, Multifunctional Sports Arenas Construction
• While replacing the surface at renovated sports facilities
• While building private backyard pitches