PortaFloor System consists of modules, connected together by an interlocking system, easy to install and disassemble. PortaFloor system is responsible for protecting the bottom surface which enables using almost every structure for occasional events. This includes natural grass, artificial turf and ice rink sheets as well as indoor parquet or floor-covering. The advantages of these surfaces have been recognized by many, among others, by the organizers of Beijing Olympics – during the opening and closing ceremony the entire stadium pitch was covered with PortaFloor modules.

Thanks to the PortaFloor System you don’t have to worry about the pitch’s condition, you can organize any kind of mass event (concerts, fairs) or transform a seasonal ice rink into a multifunctional object, available all year round.

PortaFloor modules are designed to provide air circulation, water drainage and safety (the modules are slip-resistant)

PortaFloor system can function on its own or as a base for other sport surfaces, such as: Power Game, Response or Defense.

PortaFloor increases the viability of the existing facility giving it more versatility and making use of its whole potential.

PortaFloor System is available in three variants:

• PortFloorEX – to protect natural grass and artificial turf
• PortaFloor SSC – to protect artificial turf, athletics track, tennis courts and other synthetic surfaces
• PortaFloor Pro – to protect artificial turf, ice rinks, asphalt, concrete and other synthetic surfaces

PortaFloor benefits:

• durability
• portability and possibility of installing in various places
• slip-resistant texture
• low costs of exploitation
• protection of natural grass and artificial turf as well as other delicate synthetic surfaces
• possibility of multiple usage
• compatible with all weather conditions and all temperatures
Material: modules are made from highly durable polypropylene

Module size:

PortaFloor EX-30.5 cm x 8.25 cm x 1.6 cm
PortaFloor SSC-31.1 cm x 8.6 cm x 1.6 cm
PortaFloor Pro- 15.25 cm x 61 cm x 2.3 cm

Module weight:

PortaFloor EX- 4.4 kg/m²
PortaFloor SSC- 4.62 kg/m²
PortaFloor Pro- 7.05 kg/m²

Carrying capacity:

PortaFloor EX- 180 psi
PortaFloor SSC- 200 psi
PortaFloor Pro- 220 psi

Flammability class:

PortaFloor EX- UL 85 HB
PortaFloor SSC- UL 94 HB
PortaFloor Pro- UL 94 HB

Coefficient of friction

(ASTM C 1028) dry/wet: PortaFloor EX – 0.73/0.6
Portafloor SSC i Pro – 0.91/063
Impact resistance: at a temperature of 18°C. (ASTM D 5420) – 36J
Operating temperature range: -30° to 65°C
UV radiation resistance: color guarantee
Examples of using PortaFloor systems:

• baseball field (on natural grass and brick dust)
• stadium pitch (on polyurethane surface or artificial turf)
• ice rink sheet
• sports hall floor (on synthetic surface)