Hexagonal, multifunctional polypropylene surface which is not permanently fixed to the basis. Recommended for exteriors and used on sports pitches all around the world.

• Material: polypropylene
• Structure: top layer – modules with hexagonal supporting structure; bottom layer – cushioning rubber mat, 3mm thick
Surface parameters:
• Size of modules without detents: 30,20 cm x 30,20 cm x 1,70 cm
• Size of modules with detents: 31,07 cm x 31,07 cm x 1,70 cm
• Weight of the module: 3,74 kg/m2
• Flatness: 0.0 mm
• Carrying capacity: 12 kg/cm2
• Sanitary information- resistant to fungus, bacteria and mold
• Subsurface requirements-concrete, asphalt, paving blocks, minimal decline 0.2%
• 5 year guarantee

Hexa Power Outdoor is ideal for covering both new and existing hardened bases such as asphalt, concrete, paving blocks. In terms of functionality, durability and resilience to atmospheric conditions it outruns traditional synthetic surfaces.