After many years of using wooden parquets in sports halls and gyms, now comes the time for modern, multifunctional and aesthetic SPORT COUST Defense modular polypropylene sports surfaces.

SPORT COURT multifunctional flooring systems, recognized and recommended by international sports federations bring new quality in the field of safety, comfort of usage, durability and aesthetics.

Gyms and sports halls, equipped with SPORT COURT sports flooring systems, become multifunctional arenas, perfect for both, team sports and individual sports (roller-blading, skateboarding, dancing) as well as places safe enough for gymnastics, aerobics or trainings for kids.

Basic benefits of SPORT COURT Defense polypropylene surface:

1. Perfect alternative for wooden floors – they can replace wooden floors because they are 100% compliant with the DIN parquet regulations.

2. Perfect technical parameters

  • Great cushioning (lesser joint strain, higher safety, higher comfort of game)
  • Risk of player’s injury reduced to minimum
  • Perfect grip (no risk of slip injury during the game)
  • By applying the rubber bottom layer, the sports field gains the properties of a point elastic floor
  • Very high durability (one of the most important parameters when predicting intensive exploitation)
  • 5 years guarantee
  • Wide choice of attractive colors

3. High safety standard

  • In full compliance with safety standards, especially concerning sports flooring for schools

4. Low costs of installation and maintenance

  • Lack of high requirements for the substructure – it also covers old and damaged surfaces (parquet, concrete, polyurethane, etc.)
  • Simple installation (it takes 1-2 days to install)
  • Possibility of multiple deployment and disassembly without influencing its durability
  • Doesn’t require any specialist conservation
  • In cases of single module damage you only need to replace the damaged fragment, without having to close and disassemble the whole pitch.
  • In case of flood or flooding: SPORT COURT Defense, because of its construction and texture, is able to withstand even prolonged flooding without any damages. All you need to do is disassemble it, dry the substructure and replace the cushioning layer (the base) – the cost is approximately 10zl/m2. After all of this is done the whole floor can be deployed again and it will look like a new one.

5. High aesthetic value

  • No color and physical property loss caused by time, atmospheric conditions and UV radiation
  • Possibility to create your own coloristic composition, using the color palette provided by the producer

6. Wide range of application

  • indoor sports arenas
  • Gym flooring
  • Recreational center’s flooring
  • Public utilities
  • Private facilities
SPORT Court Defense is perfect as the main surface or as an additional surface to put on a damaged parquet or ice rink, it can also be used as a portable surface. It consists of two layers put on a substructure:

• Bottom layer: rubber mat
• Top layer: polypropylene modules

This multifunctional playing indoor surface can be installed on an already existing surface and doesn’t require any gluing down or mounting. SPORTS COURT highest quality has been confirmed by becoming an official supplier for the NCAA, USA Volleyball and USA Junior Olympics.
• Material: polypropylene
• Structure: top layer: hexagonally structured modules, patented positive lock system; bottom layer: cushioning rubber mat 3 mm thick, 18-22.5 kg/m3 density and 55-75 hardness in the Shore’s scale
• Module size: Response -25 cm x 25 cm x 1.27 cm; Defense – 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 1.27 cm
• Module weight: Response – 280 g; Defense – 386 g
• Hardness (ASTM D 785): 61 R
• Thermal formability factor at 4550 hPa: 77 °C
• Auto ignition temperature (ASTM D 1929): 570 °C
• Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient (ASTM D 696): 14.4 mm/mm °C x 10
• Isotactic melting point (ASTM D 2117): 161°C
• Tensile strength (ASTM D 638): 196kg/cm2
• Tensile testing (ASTM D 638): 5%
• Resilience (Izod impact testing) (ASTM D 256): 5.8J/cm [23 °C]
• Friction (ASTM C 1028) dry/wet: 0.60/0.61
• Flatness: 0.0 mm +/- 5mm
• Capacity: 14kg/cm2
• Sanitary information: protects against fungi, bacteria, mold
• International Federations’ certificates: FIBA, USA Volleyball, USSF, IHP approval, NIPH (National Institute of Public Health) clearance
• Subfloor requirements: concrete floor, parquet, ice rink covered with PortaFloor or other hard and level surface* - Response modules are different than Defense modules in size.
SPORT COURT Defense polypropylene surfaces meet all technical norms required of volleyball, basketball, badminton or handball court surfaces. They don’t require any special maintenance. They possess high aesthetic values, and the damaged elements can be easily and quickly repaired – all this makes Response and Defense systems perfect choices for sport centers, resorts and schools. It’s the perfect multifunctional sport surface for indoor usage.

FOR ENCLOSED AND COVERED SPACES Sport Court Defense is a polypropylene module-based sports surface, designed for different types of sports. During its construction a unique open-grid structure was used. Thanks to this solution, the surface is suitable for playing football, basketball, volleyball or for roller skating and skateboarding. Its unique construction makes it perfect for practicing sports disciplines such as:

• Team sports (basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor football, floor ball, roller hockey, badminton)
• Artistic roller skating
• Inline speed skating