CONNOR floors are portable and they can also be mounted permanently – a hardwood flooring system designed for practicing sports. The parquet systems are of the highest world class and are designed for Olympic arenas and for sports facilities approved by international federations:

  • FIBA (International Basketball Federation)
  • NBA (National Basket Association)
  • WSF (World Squash Federation)
  • IHF (International Handball Federation)

All CONNOR product are made from Hard Maple, from special plantations, always guaranteeing the highest quality of wood as well as a rational forest stand management, in accordance with the environment protection regulations.

The ecological aspect of manufacture goes hand in hand with unique technological solutions, cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a number of unique and, preceded by over 100 years of experience, original solutions. Connor flooring systems are manufactured in accordance with MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards.

Hard Maple has a fine, uniform texture; it is durable, strong, hard, shock-resistant, resistant to shrinkage, polished and varnished on the spot (game lines and the graphic are covered with several layers, reducing the conservation’s costs) creating a perfectly smooth, seamless surface, which helps to prevent injuries. CONNOR Sports uses narrow maple planks with dimensions of 20mm x 57 mm (less prone to shrinkage than wider 2-3 strips lamella planks).

In terms of construction, we can offer resilient permanent, floating and anchored floor systems. Surface – North Atlantic maple with the base made from plywood profiles or from prefabricated, 2 layered profiles with elastic or polyurethane washers, and the latter one has an additional option- anchored steel bolts with anti-squeak washers. The outer layer is 20 mm thick, and the joint system thickness is between 56-63 mm. They are highly shock absorbent, bounce reducing, they have high impact resistance and can withstand heavy load, guaranteeing durability and flexible design. It’s a perfect solution for both, universal purposes as well as more intense sports.