Indoor ice rink is a perfect place for organizing concerts, cultural events, fairs or sport competitions. All you need to do is use the selected Sport Court surface model. PortaFloor system is the best choice for you. This modular surface will perfectly protect the already existing ice rink sheet and allow you to prepare the planned event. PortaFloor system can function on its own or as a base for other sport surfaces, such as: Power Game, Response or Defense. Furthermore, by using the wide range of coloristic modules, you can divide the floor into colorful sectors for different groups of exhibitors or music fans. Thanks to this solution, people attending a concert won’t have any problems with getting to the right place, by simply looking for the right floor color. The winter season is short but the ice rink doesn’t have to stay closed outside of the season, it can pay for itself during the rest of the year. Deploy the PowerGame system in the summer and voila! – You have a sports arena. Multifunctional ice rink all year round? No problem – just become a SportCourt surface owner.

• A seasonal ice rink, during its 3 month long operating period, can give you up to 30000 entries. What about the summer season?
• Every ice rink should be deigned to provide active rest and promote winter sports.
• Setting up an ice rink in a closed area, equipped with the right infrastructure which allows to preserve the ice rink sheet through the whole year, enables all year round exploitation. However, technical possibilities alone are not enough. To ensure that this ice rink reaches its highest profitability levels, you must persuade people to use it all year round.
• Because the sports are traditionally divided into seasons, ice rinks are not used, outside of the winter season. At the same time, there is a huge demand for multifunctional arenas and facilities designed for all types of seasonal sports. Unfortunately, the lack of funds to build those new, multifunctional sports arenas is often a big problem. And yet, the same youth, on the same arena could switch from skates to roller blades or different team sports.
• There is a program, called “White Orlik” that offers installing ice rinks on “Orlik” type pitches, and pouring water on artificial turf or polyurethane during the season. However, because of the technical requirements and high costs, not everyone will be able to take part in this program.
• How to do it right?
• The solution is to adapt the already existing all year round ice rink by installing a special surface, meeting requirements for practicing roller-skating sports and all types of team sports.
• Portable, multifunctional, polypropylene SPORT COURT playing surface – this is what you need. It allows for quick transformation from an ice rink to a multifunctional arena, a roller-skating rink or a tennis court. Ice rink in Pszów is an example of such solution – by installing SPORT COURT Power Game surface, the place is accessible all year. The youth have been using professional pitches, tennis courts and roller skating rinks for 4 years - all this using one floor only.

• SPORT COURT is a modular playing surface, certified by international team sports federations, that enables fast and non-invasive ice rink surface change, depending on the seasonal demands. SPORT COURT playing surface requirements, relating to the substructure (concrete, asphalt, paving blocks, etc.) grants you freedom in changing the function of the facility, depending on the season or demands.
• Pitch: modules applied on a pre-prepared substructure
• Ice rink: disassembled SPORT COURT modules and water poured on the same substructure
• (installation and disassembly of the surface is quick and simple and the disassembled surfaces can be stored using minimum space)
• Thanks to SPORT COURT, we are able to create facilities and MULTIFUNCTIONAL arenas, allowing more people to enjoy it.
• SPEED Sport has introduced and promoted “Ice rink/football pitch – 2 in 1” slogan, which is the answer for both, saving financial resources (using the existing base) and maximal exploitation of the object while granting the common access to the sports facility.
• How to save money and, at the same time, rise the profitability of the existing facility?
• We know – we have the cheapest and the most effective solution.
• Write or call us – we will present you with a modernization project for your existing ice rink of for a completely new one, fully functional all year round.