Mass cultural events, closed company’s events or outdoor sporting competitions have become a common thing in Poland. Poles are eager to go to concerts, picnics or publicly available sporting competitions, especially in the summer season. However, the places were such events take place, often do not meet the needed requirements. And here is where SPORT COURT solution kicks into action. The modern technology used to create the portable playing surfaces and the method of their deployment provide a wide range of usage, guaranteeing the protection of the original surface, safety, resilience to heavy atmospheric conditions and changeable weather.

Thanks to high flexibility in adjustment to all types of hardened surfaces, fast deployment and mobility you can organize seven different events in seven different places in Poland in one week or organize a basketball match in the city’s main square. After the season ends, you can put the purchased system in the storehouse, where it will safely wait for the next event.

If you are interested in an investment on a smaller scale e.g., a one-time-only event – our rental system is what you need.

After analyzing your needs ours experts will:

• Help you choose the right type of the surface
• Deliver it to the designated place
• Deploy it swiftly and with precision
• Disassemble after the event finishes
• Take it back to our storehouses

The organization of an event is now possible under all conditions. Together with our Customer Program Design offer you can make it an event of the highest standard.