Backyard courts

SPORT COURT in your garden

A private football pitch or a tennis court in your garden? But of course! It’s possible, next to every single-family house. Even on a relatively small lot you can still have a safe, nice and professional pitch for your kids of for yourself. A private, backyard sports field is a common thing all around the world, it gives you comfort, functionality and prestige. Moreover, it’s a chance to highlight your originality – because such fields or courts don’t have to resemble traditional, well known facilities. Rich palette of colors and almost unlimited color combination possibility can give you a one of a kind sports field.

Concrete and asphalt fields are neither safe nor aesthetic – their days are long gone. Additional surface e.g., from artificial turf, requires costly, systematical conservation and is quite problematic in maintenance, especially in autumn and during heavy rainfalls. SPORT COURT Power Game polypropylene sports surface system is a solution for all of the aforementioned problems. All you need to do is deploy the multifunctional modular system (chosen by you) on the hardened surface and with the right color combination and that’s all – you can enjoy your own sports field 24/7 come rain or shine. Regardless of the precipitation, our surface doesn’t need any special conservation or maintenance (unique, openwork module’s construction perfectly drains the water, preserving the anti-slip surface qualities)

While designing the surroundings of the new house it’s worth taking care of the places for practicing sports or playing games, for you, your kids or for providing your guest with original entertainment. Aesthetics, safety, durability and attractive price are the indisputable advantages of SPORT COURT playing surface – professional surface for private use.

SPORT COURT-VIP Court system is also a perfect solution for the developers, who are designing closed estates. The clients always expect that the developer will make sure that both, the adults and the youth will have a place to relax and have fun. SPORT COURT sports field will undoubtedly satisfy the inhabitant’s expectations.

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